Nepal handicraft

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  • Wool slippers

    wool slippers

    Wool slippers lined with polar for kids baby, girls and boys.

    Wool slippers stemming from Nepal handicraft.

    Wool slippers colourfull, kids ethnic fashion.
  • Felt slippers

    felt slippers

    Felt slippers for kids.

    Felt slippers hand made by craftsmen from Nepal.

    Felt slippers or felted wool, funny and original ethnic fashion.
  • Felt brooch
  • Kids wooly hats

    kids wooly hats

    Kids wooly hats lined with polar.

    Kids wooly hats stemming from Nepal handicraft.

    Kids wooly hats, peruvian design.
  • Hair elastic

    hair elastic

    Hair elastic for girls.

    Hair elastic in felt hand made by craftsmen from Nepal.

    Hair elastic, kid ethnic fashion.
  • Kid clip

    kid clip

    Kid clip in felt.

    Kid clip stemming from Nepal handicraft.

    Kid clip, girl ethnic fashion.
  • Kid headband

    kid headband

    Kid headband for baby and girls.

    Kid headband in cotton stemming from Nepal handicraft.

    Kid headband, the best of ethnic fashion.
  • Sacs laine bouillie
  • Ethnic bags

    Ethnic bags, different models to discover on Poutali online shop.


    Different sizes, different designs of ethnic bags made in Nepal.

  • Guêtres laine
  • Mitaines Népal
  • Echarpes Pashmina
  • Echarpe laine
  • Mobiles laine bouillie